Handy Hints For Your Swim Lesson

You have made a great decision to give your child life skills and skills for life by providing them learn-to-swim lessons.

To make the most of your lessons, we suggest the following tips:

  • We suggest play time after the lesson so swimmers are not too tired
  • Aquababies don’t need to wear hats during lessons
  • Don’t have a big feed before lessons
  • Please consider clothing which will assist movement through water – fitting togs, not loose fitting board shorts and rash vests as loose items restrict swimming performance
  • Tie longer back hair or wear a swim cap
  • Be prepared with goggles, cap, fins etc. BEFORE the start of your lesson
  • Please don’t enter the water in the lesson area until your class is due to commence and the teacher invites the students in

Most importantly, have a great lesson! If you have any questions, please see our on-deck supervisor or the front desk.

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